Bow Hunting  - The African Way

During the lifespan of a hunter, usually starting at a very young age will see the young hunter start off with an air rifle or junior bow. As with many I think the bow came before the air rifle.Bow hunting as we know it has been around for many years and when we think about hunting icons in the bow-hunting the name of Gary Bogner is the first and only to be in my mind.

During any big game hunting safari or South African hunting Safari the bow offers an exceptional challenge to the bow hunter. It is possible to shoot any species of game found in Southern Africa over a waterhole or over feed, but taking it to next level is stalking these species on foot, getting into the killing zone and taking the animal in a fair chase. The animals are not all as weary as the Whitetail and can be successfully be stalked, making for an adrenalin rushed experience being able to get within 30 yards from the animal able to place an arrow into the vitals.

The methods employed with the bow hunting of African game is the hide, pit blind, tree stand, pop-up temporary blind, walk and stalk and ambushing animals on a path they use getting to or from waterholes. It is the type of species and client that will dictate the use of a specific method or a combination of these to harvest the species sought.

As for equipment, there is a continuous drive in the bow hunting industry to improve on existing equipment, new technology and better and faster bows. This will never stop and is a work in progress, seeing new bows with lower brace heights, stronger shafts on the arrows, better penetrating broad-heads, quieter strings and more accurate bows in all.

The rule again when doing an African hunting safari is to choose the equipment for the species you plan on hunting. Your Hunting Outfitter is the person to get the information from on what equipment as a minimum you should bring. This would the poundage of the bow, to the weight of the arrows with the minimum diameter of the broad head to be used. The department of nature Conservation is stipulating these to the hunting industry.

Criteria- The bow needs to be 70lb, with an arrow not weighing less than 450gr, and having a cutting diameter on the broad-head of a minimum of 1 â…› Now this differs for the species that you would hunt during a typical African safari. Again here the valuable input from your Hunting Outfitter and Professional Hunter will ensure a memorable experience, having the right equipment to do the job.

When finding your Hunting Outfitter and Professional Hunter, enquire about them having done a Professional Bow Hunting Course and Certification. It will be wise to book any bow-hunting safari with a Professional Hunter having completed his Professional Bow Hunting Course being certified in that capacity.

It needs to be noted as well that the certification in South Africa, certify the successful Professional Hunter on completing the Professional Bow Hunting Course, to hunt the Dangerous Game himself with Bow and Arrow, over and above his original Professional Hunters qualification as a Professional Hunter having an unrestricted licence on completion of 60 hunting days hunting three of the dangerous six animals with clients under the supervision of a Professional Hunter with an unrestricted license.

Bow hunting Africas game is rewarding and a life experience that will last a lifetime. Any quality bow, quality arrows and broad heads will do. Always check with your Hunting Outfitter what you will need.

Hunt Southern Africas game the African way with a Professional Hunter, taking you right into the killing zone of the animal on foot.