Sustainable Utilization

The Sustainable Utilization of our Wildlife Resources is the only way of ensuring the Future of Hunting in the South African Arena

Todays hunters often think back with longing for yesteryears hunting opportunities game was cheap, or completely free with regular invites to hunt at no charge. Today game has commercial value and each and every species has a price to it. The prices charged for the game also resulted in the game farmers also offering lodging which generates further income. This is also the reason why game is in such abundance in recent times. The game farmer farming with game does so for an income from the breeding and selling of his surplus game and the hunter realizes that for the privileged of harvesting such species would cost him money while ensuring that next year those species will still around to hunt once again.

The monies paid for hunting these species, ensures that the game farmers continue setting land aside for the game where they can breed undisturbed and ensure their future. A lot of other species benefit from land being set aside, such as reptiles, smaller mammals, birds and insects. Conservation through sustainable utilization has a new perspective when all these positive factors are considered. With the responsible hunting of our game and the sustainable utilization of game in South Africa shall ensure that South Africa remains the destination with the largest variety of species of game in the world.

The key to the success you the hunter

As hunters and conservationists we are making the single biggest contribution towards conservation with sustainable utilization of the game that we hunt. Through putting a price tag to the respective species in South Africa, we have created a value to these animals, resulting in landowners to set large areas aside for the farming with wild animals. The Government has set a national target of 9% of the country to be protected area for fauna and flora. There are approximately 6500 game fenced farms in South Africa. With the awareness of the private sector to conserve our wildlife heritage, the private sector has surpassed the 12% habitat area, 3% more than that being set aside by National Government.

The net result of this is then that responsible hunting takes place, as these animals previously had no monetary value other than being shot for the pot as meat. We can and make a contribution To secure the future of responsible hunting. There are many uniformed people, some out of ignorance and others because it suits their own ideology that labels the hunting industry and sustainable utilization of wildlife

The South African Hunters understands the concept of sustainable utilization and their passion for nature in all its forms are the group of people in the prime position to educate other people about the real issues of conservation. It should therefore be noted that solutions to wildlife management that are workable and successful in Europe and the United States will not necessarily work for South Africa. Without sustainable utilization, game in South Africa may not survive the next 30 years.

Every hunter, whether local or international should make it their business to get involved in conservation. Everyone hunting in South Africa, through hunting is enjoying a part of our heritage that was entrusted to us by our founding fathers 350 years ago. What are we doing to ensure that we as part of the current generation of hunters will have anything worthwhile to leave to our children and their children after them?