How to get there
The only thing you have to arrange is the flight to and from Oliver Thambo Airport, we will pick you up at the Airport and of course take you back

How many volunteers are there in a Group
At the Lion Volunteer Project about 7
At the Ranger Project about 20

Where you will sleep
At our Lodge

Internet connection
Yes. We have a strong Network Signal with Internet Connectivity. All you need to have is a Local Network Modem with a Data Card loaded with Data-Bundle.

Guidance at Bethani Lion Lodge
Off Course!!! You’ll get all the guidance needed from us.

Physical Level of Program
The program is exciting and a lot of fun.

What you will eat
African Food prepared at Campfire

Shopping near Bethani Lion Lodge
Brits and Hartebeespoort is the closest towns

Electricity Supply on the Volunteer Projects
The supply is 220V with a three point plug