Deep Sea Fishing

We offer chartered deep sea fishing off the Natal coast, for a number of game species of fish. The seasons offer different species of fish year round, and generally fishing is excellent. We are limited to bag limits of 10 fish per species per angler per day, but even at a limit of 10 fish per species per day can sometimes prove to be hard work.

The charters can be booked well in advance to secure the fishing vessel for the fishing trip. There are two charter options available, being a half day charter or a full day charter. The charter boat could be chartered again for consecutive days, provided it is done in advance otherwise you might have to go fishing with a different boat the next day.

Boats are chartered with licensed skipper, deckhands, fully rigged with latest navigational equipment, communication systems, safety gear, fishing gear and bait. All meals and drinks, no liquor are provided for.

Species of fish that can be encountered off the Natal coastline when fishing for game fish are:
Marlin, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Sailfish, Bonito, Wahoo, Mahi-mahi (Dolphin fish)


We offer SCUBA diving excursions with an associated partner to our business in the northern Natal region, where there is an abundance of diving locations just waiting to reveal their natural beauty and splendour to every underwater enthusiast.

Diving gear can be charted and you need not bring your own. The filling of tank will be done on location where dives take place most of the time.

The diving charters will also be offered by suitably qualified diving staff, familiar with each and every diving location, they have personally dived a number of times with clients.

Close encounters with local residents at the various dive locations, could be dolphins, potato bass, whale sharks and a number of other ocean inhabitants.

Please book well in advance for these excursions as there is only a number of spots available during the set dive calendar in the year.