Safari Options

Shingelani Safaris offers the following safaris:

10 Day Safari Hunts

The reason for its popularity is the abundance and variety of game. The duration of these hunts we have over the years come to realize, just cannot be done in a shorter time as the intrinsically needs to adapt one’s eyes to the African Bush and have sufficient time to select those special quarries, that will make the hunting trip unforgettable.

Furthermore it could take a number of days to hunt the “African Ghost”, the very elusive and majestic Kudu with its magnificent spiral horns and then the biggest and most important being that generally, after flying for several hours to South Africa, the body needs to adjust and we can confirm that a hunt shorter than 10 days, just does not deliver the same quality as our 10 day hunts.

On a typical 10 day hunt any number of species could be taken from the small antelope to the Buffalo. In total we have 24 species available for the 10 day hunts, and the hunter can select which animals he wants to hunt, allowing him or her to harvest as many different species during the hunt as desired.

Individual Tailored Hunts

These hunts typically would consist of the individual tailoring his or her own special package and could be for longer durations or specific species, requiring Cites permits, having long lead times and a limited availability in number of permits issued annually. These hunts would also be a one-on-one, with or without an observer.

Every effort is made to custom the safari hunt to meet every expectation of the hunter, guided by the clear and detailed communication between him or her and Shingelani Safaris.

Dangerous Game

These hunts would be for all dangerous game, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Hippo, Lion & Leopard. On these hunts the duration is typically 7 days for Buffalo to 21 days for Elephant.